Here are our home security staff members at Elite Security Services. We figured out of respect to you, you would get to personally know who will be taking care of you when you do business with us. In advance we appreciate you for just visiting this page. Thank you.

As a true believer in the saying “You only have one life, so live it” I must say I am doing exactly that. From quality family time, to loving what I do for work, life couldn’t get any better. I always tell my friends if you don’t like what you are doing for work, find or do something else. Elite Security Services is a place of work that I enjoy every day because of the friends I work with, and the happy clients that we are blessed in doing business with. Every day is a new and exciting day with great honor and respect to the company that I represent.

As someone who has held many different jobs over the years, none is more rewarding than working as a Security consultant with Elite Security Services. Being a people person allows me to connect with customers who are looking for someone they can trust. My number one goal is to help people gain the peace of mind they are looking for.

Growing up in Canada within a large family, I was exposed to many different personality types and was taught at a young age how to try and find a common ground with everyone I meet. This is something I’ve tried to carry on not only in my personal life, but also in my work. Being in the security industry I feel that taking a personal interest in each individual customer allows me to diagnose exactly what their needs are and how I can most effectively meet those needs. A home is where a family should feel safe and secure, and my goal is to make sure that it does.

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