Home Security Systems: An Overview PROTECT YOUR FAMILY

Posted on April 22, 2012
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Do you live in a large populated city like Phoenix Arizona, Los Angeles California or any city in the United States? Despite the decline in burglary rates for the past two years, home security systems are still in demand. 2008, when the US economy was in a slump, saw one of the highest annual rates for burglary with more than 2.2 million cases and an average loss of $1,600 per victimized household. Homeowners would not let their guards down, knowing that there are people out there who would really break into their residence like the proverbial thief in the night.

Home security alarm measures are as varied as the households that employ them. Some prefer doing the simple precaution of installing additional deadbolts to their doors. Some keep guard dogs while others maintain their house to deter burglars from ransacking them. Of course, there are also homeowners who prefer to go more modern with alarms and monitoring systems.

Home security systems are a more preferred choice over the traditional methods of guarding residences such as dogs and guns. Why? Modern alarm systems do not entail responsibilities unlike keeping a dog or gun. More importantly, they can be used for other emergencies such as fire or paramedic.

Burglary is a crime of opportunity and by having a constantly monitored residence, homeowners are giving crooks no chance to carry out their plans. No matter what category of homeowner you are—the pragmatist, the caring family person, or someone who just does not want anyone to mess up with your property—you are on this page because you are aware of the need to have a home security system and you want to know more about it.

How home security systems work

A home security system is as simple as it sounds: a set of devices which set off an alarm when somebody attempts to intrude a property; but with a few additions of course. Alarm systems are enabled/disable by a control panel. Plus, many of today’s high performance systems are wireless and are controllable by a small remote keychain. Most importantly, the alarms that ADT produces are linked to a monitoring center which contacts homeowners and authorities during possible burglaries.

Reducing false alarms

False alarms are the reasons why some homeowners are pessimistic about home security systems. But monitoring companies have found a way to minimize such occurrences. First of all, the control panels are much simpler so alarms can quickly be disabled if they are set off accidentally. Then, there are pet-friendly home security systems for pets that are below 80 pounds. Third, monitoring centers contact homeowners when an alarm has been triggered to confirm if it has not been accidental.

Improving reliability and connectivity

Home security systems do not have to rely on landline anymore or electricity to work. The presence of power backups and wireless connectivity make today’s alarm more reliable. You can now have indefatigable, reliable, and 24-hour monitored alarms. So even if you are away from home, you have a good reason to be worry-free thanks to a home security system you can count on.

Get it from Your Alarm Now

Monitoring and alarm systems should be a part of your list for home essentials. With no way to know when opportunist burglars will strike, the best you thing to do is install alarms that will deter and intimidate them. Get you home security systems from Your Alarm Now.

Your Alarm Now is an authorized dealer of ADT products. We have a team of professionals on home security systems that can provide you expert opinion and assistance in improving your residential security. If you want more information and advice, simply contact us. We will be glad to hear from you.

Choosing a Home Security System

Posted on April 3, 2012
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Home security systems are essential for any household. But homeowners must be aware that not all alarm systems are the same. Your Alarm Now presents helpful tips on how to choose the best electronic monitoring system for your home.

First, you must conduct an assessment of your house. How many windows and doors does your house have? Where do you want the control panel to be placed? The control panel arms and disarms the alarms so it is important to place them in an easily reachable place. Do you have a pet? If so, you might want to have an animal-friendly home security system.

There are certain qualities of an excellent home security system. Use the checklist below to guide you in your shopping:

Wireless. A home security system is best if wireless. Wired alarms are difficult to install and require a lot of drilling. They are only suggestible if your home is undergoing a major renovation or if it is still under construction.

Strong connectivity. The control panel must have the ability to disable/enable the sensors from any part of the house. Ask your dealer the number of “zones” their control panel can reach. Zones are the places where an intrusion could occur so choose an alarm system that can cover all the zones in your house.

Panic button. In a tense situation, dialing three digits like 911 can prove difficult. Look for a home security system that has a panic button on the control panel. This button will allow you to alert authorities with one press, without having to dial them through a landline or cell phone.

User-friendly. A home security system is used for emergencies so it should be easy to use. It should be operable without having to refer to the manual at any point.

Power back-up. Power outage rarely happen, but they do. Burglars love to take advantage of power outages. Choose an alarm and monitoring devices that have backup power.

Remote monitoring. There are unmonitored and monitored home security systems. Unmonitored alarms rely on you and your neighbors to take action during a break in. On the other hand, monitored alarms automatically send signals to a monitoring center which contacts authorities during an intrusion. Choose a monitored home security system so authorities can respond quickly to an emergency in your home, even if you are way.

Yard signs. Some dealers offer yard signs and decals that warn intruders that your house is protected by an electronic monitoring system. A yard sign will tell burglars that they should not even dare enter your property lest they get arrested.

Insurance certificate. Your home security system of choice should come with an insurance certificate. This certificate lets homeowners get a cut on their insurance. Inquire if your purchase includes one.

Competitive pricing. It is important to look around before buying a home security system. Choose from a dealer that offers competitive pricing for rent-to-own deals.

The Edge that Your Alarm Now Offers

Your Alarm Now is a licensed dealer of ADT home security systems. As a dealer of the number one brand of alarms in the United States, we are driven to live up to the quality of the product that we distribute. That is why we are consistent with our quality service to clients. Customer experience is at its best with Your Alarm Now. We are also proud to say that we offer the best prices on ADT products. We make home security affordable. If you want to know more about our price quotes, services, and products, simply get in touch with us.

Home Security Systems Advice: What to do when a burglar is inside your house

Posted on March 9, 2012
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Home security systemsare your best deterrent against burglars: not a baseball bat, not a gun, not a dog either. Surprising as it may seem, using items available in the household could make you end up being sued by a burglar. Here is why: the law allows homeowners to use “reasonable” force when someone breaks into their house. However, if the force used to drive the burglar away exceeds “reasonable” limits, then the homeowner may have committed a punishable act.

It is likewise prohibited by law to injure a burglar after he has already stepped out of the property. The threat is already considered over after the burglar has left the house and chasing him with the intent of injury is considered retaliation. Injuring a burglar needlessly is prohibited. Additionally, chasing after a burglar could lead to harm on the part of the homeowner. It is best to avoid confrontation with burglars at all cost. Here are things to do when an intruder is inside the house:

Do not panic or argue with family members. Burglars typically attack homes which they think are unoccupied. Making noises while they are inside your home alerts them and may draw their attention towards you.

Lock your rooms and call authorities immediately. Do not go out and confront intruders. Surprise or shock may cause them to react violently towards you. Be quiet, call the authorities, and gather your family in one room.

Give necessary details to the dispatcher. Let the dispatcher know that you think your home is burglarized, give your address, and let her/him know that your family is inside the house.

Avoid confrontation at all cost. Do not place yourself or your family in unnecessary danger by fighting intruders. Their number could be greater than you expected. Guns and pepper sprays are an option but, as you know, possessing them has repercussions. Consult an expert regarding this matter.

Prevent burglars from entering your home

You do not have to be in the precarious situation of being inside your room while burglars ransack your property. Prevent them from even entering your home. Secured doors with deadbolts, shatter-proof glass windows, install window stops, and hide any garden tools that can be used for unlawful entry. Check out our recent blog posts for more information on how to secure your residence against intrusion or burglary.

The importance of home security systems can never be over-emphasized. They are the most effective deterrent for burglars and they automatically alert authorities when intrusion occurs. Here is how home security systems protect a household:

When somebody breaks into a house, sensors send a signal to the siren which triggers the alarm within the same second the intrusion is attempted.

The alarm alerts homeowners and the neighborhood of the presence of intruders. Most burglars flee when they trigger an alarm.

A wireless ADT alarm system automatically sends signals to a monitoring center. The support center then calls authorities and specifies the address of the alarm.

If you want to know more about home security systems, simply contact Your Alarm Now. We offer top-notch alarm & monitoring systems from the number one brand in the United States: ADT. Our comprehensive package includes a remote keychain control that lets you contact authorities within one press of the panic button.

Your Alarm Now prides in its professionalism. We offer the best customer satisfaction by addressing your concerns and questions regarding home security systems. Contact us now and let us work together in making your home a safer place.

Home Security Systems: The Little Known Facts

Posted on January 17, 2012
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Home security systems have been around for decades. With their constant evolution, their capabilities and functions have gone to a whole new level. There are so many interesting things that you need to learn about home security systems before you get yours installed. Your Alarm Now, an authorized dealer of ADT alarm systems, brings you these facts:

Wireless home security systems are as reliable as hard-wired alarms

In the pas, hard-wired alarms were preferred over wireless home security systems. They were more reliable as wireless alarms have very limited connectivity and, at times, wireless sensors fail to trigger the alarm. But that was in the past. Today’s wireless alarm systems are just as reliable. In fact, they are more recommended because of their easier installation over the wired ones. You do not have to worry about drillings on your walls or your home’s interior aesthetics getting ruined. The alarms, sensors, and control panel only have to be mounted at the most strategic places and that is all it.

ADT home security system automatically alerts authorities during a possible burglary

When an ADT alarm goes off, it automatically sends signals to a remote monitoring team. Once they receive the signal, they contact the authorities to inspect a residence for potential burglary. They also send a text message to a homeowner’s phone to notify him/her that the alarms were triggered.

To reduce the possibility of false alarms, the monitoring team waits for around 30 seconds before alerting the authority. They also contact the residence phone number to inquire if the alarms have been accidentally set off.

ADT home security systems cannot be hacked

In the past, burglars could cut the wirings of alarm devices and they are off the radar. But such trick cannot work with ADT products. If an ADT alarm is suspiciously turned off, it sends a signal to a remote monitoring center. The support center then alerts authorities so they could inspect the residence where a home security system has been disabled suspiciously.

Home security systems can be armed/disarmed using a remote keychain

One of the best innovations of a today’ home security systems is the remote keychain control. Even if you are outside the house, you can enable or disable the alarm. You no longer have to set a timer that will enable the alarm and hurry in getting out of the house. You can simply take your time walking out of the door and enable the alarm once you are outside.

It only takes “a dollar a day” to get top-grade home security systems

Wireless security and 24/7 monitoring sound pretty expensive. But the truth is, you can have both at very affordable packages from Your Alarm Now. For an average of $42 per month, you can get home security essentials for your home and family. The security package you will purchase from Your Alarm Now includes the following ADT products:

Digital control panel with LCD display: for easy control of alarms and remote-compatible lights and appliances; sends signals to a remote support team

Remote keychain: for mobile control of alarms, lights, and appliances

Wireless door & window sensors: trigger the loud siren if somebody attempts to break in

Loud siren: alerts you and neighbors of the possible

Motion detectors: protects a specific area of the house, safe for pets less than 80 pounds

Back up power supply: your home remains protected during power outage

Your Alarm Now provides clients home security certificate so you can get discounts on your residential insurance. Plus, clients get a move certificate from ADT so installation is free when you transfer residence. To know about greater benefits in store for you, simply get in touch with Your Alarm Now.

Home Security Systems Tips: Checklist for a Burglarproof Home

Posted on January 8, 2012
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Home security systems are the most ideal weapons against burglary. But before we discuss them, let us understand what burglary is and determine if your home is safe against burglars. By definition, burglary is non-confrontational, which means that it is committed against a residence when the burglar deems that homeowners are not present. Most burglars attack during daytime when homeowners are usually at home or at work. It takes no more than 90 seconds for a home to be burglarized. Your home may or may not be burglarproof. To help you find out, Your Alarm Now, a dealer of home security systems, presents you a checklist below.

Do your doors have secure locks?

Having strong, sturdy wooden doors is not enough. Too often, installing a deadbolt (in addition to the doorknob) is neglected. This allows burglars to easily swipe their way through the front door.

Do you place your full name on the mailbox?

Often, burglars call a home before entering it to make sure nobody is there. Leaving your full name on the mailbox will allow them to look up your name in the directory and get your number. Display only your initials instead.

Do you turn down the telephone volume when you are away?

Burglars roam around neighborhoods to check out on ringing phones that are not picked up. It is a sign that no one is home and they can easily sneak their way in. If you are going to be away on a long trip, turn down the telephone’s volume or set it to silent mode.

Do you often leave spare keys under the rug?

Burglars know where to find spare keys. If you are in the practice of leaving them under doormats or under the pot, then it is apt time to change your ways. Get the keys duplicated and distribute them to the family members. Should one of the keys get lost, have your locks changed immediately.

Are you in the habit of not locking the door when going out on short buys?

Some homeowners do not lock their house when they think they will be back shortly. But burglars need less than two minutes’ opportunity and you are not giving it to them by locking your doors and windows every time you go out.

Are your windows secure?

Make sure that your windows cannot be easily opened from the outside. It also helps if the glasses are coated with protective film that will make the shatter-proof. Windows can reveal a lot of information about your home. You must keep your curtains and blinds close as much as possible. Install window stops to limit the accessibility of your windows.

Do you have a reliable home security system?

Home security systems are your number one defense against burglary. Burglars are non-confrontational criminals who would avoid any chance of being detected. If they see that a house is guarded by a monitoring system, they will not dare enter it. A house with alarms is three times less likely to be burglarized.

An excellent home security system is made up of sensors, sirens, and controls. Of course, the brand should be ADT. It is the number one brand in the United States and they also provide protection to families in Canada and United Kingdom. If you want to get ADT products at their best price, simply contact Your Alarm Now. They offer comprehensive alarm systems at very affordable prices.

Your Alarm Now offers home security systems that are monitored 24/7 by an ADT center. This means that if the alarm goes off, a remote team will automatically alert authorities. Want to know more? Feel free to send your queries to Your Alarm Now. Your questions will be gladly accommodated.

Home Security Systems Tips: Gearing up Against Burglars

Posted on December 5, 2011
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Home security systems deter burglars and prevent them from even daring to enter your property. However, there are many other ways you can protect your home and with just a few simple measures, you can ensure your family’s safety. Your Alarm Now, an authorized ADT dealer, presents to you some home security pointers.

  • Use secure door locks. When having your door installed, specify a 1-inch deadbolt. This is stronger than latch springs and cannot be opened using credit cards.
  • Do not leave door or window keys in their locks when you are in a hurry. This might turn into a habit.
  • Do not leave “I am away” notes on your door steps. This tells burglars that there is no one home and they are free to take whatever they want.
  • If you are going to be out of home for a long period of time, use radio and light timers to create the illusion that someone is in the house. Also, make sure that your motion detector is enabled so if someone breaks into your house, his movement will trigger an alarm.
  • If someone knocks on your door unexpectedly, see through the peephole first who it is. Do not rely on chain locks. If you do not have a peephole installed yet, now is the best time.
  • If someone comes to your door asking if he/she could use the phone, lock the doors and tell him/her that you will do the calling yourself.
  • Keep garage doors shut at all times. Homeowners easily forget that they have not locked their garage yet so it is best to close the doors as soon as you get out of there.
  • Keep your curtains and blinds close at night. Do not let potential burglars know where you are keeping the expensive stuff and where they can easily access your house.
  • Install a window stop if your windows are used to ventilation. A stop limits accessibility through your window so nobody can easily sneak in and out of the house.
  • Limit the height of shrubberies, hedges, and bushes in your yard to 2 feet. This eliminates any hiding place that a burglar may use to make a surveillance of you home. If you have ground plants near the window, make sure that they do not grow beyond the window sill. The lower branches of your trees should be trimmed so they are at least 6 feet off the ground. As a basic security rule to your yard, as yourself if there is any plant that could hide burglars. Trim them down immediately.
  • Store ladders inside the locked garage. Do not let burglars use your garden ladders easily access the second floor windows.
  • Keep gates locked at all times. This prevents burglars from entering and from carrying bulky valuables upon exit.
  • Make sure that any security measures you make do not stop you from getting out of the house quickly if there is fire. Your house should be difficult to get in but easy to get out of.
  • Have your faulty alarm checked immediately. An alarm that often goes off will eventually be ignored by neighbors.

Does your home security system need an upgrade? Now is the time for you to switch to ADT products. ADT is the number one brand in the United States, with over 5 million families protected through its reliable monitoring systems. Your Alarm Now can provide you with top grade ADT alarm systems and professional installation services. Contact Your Alarm Now and experience state-of-the-art home security systems.

Home Security Systems: 6 ways to make your dream residence safer

Posted on November 30, 2011
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Home security systemsare an important component the safety of your family. A dream house should not only be about an elegantly designed interior and expensive furniture. It should also be a haven where you family can dwell safely without the worries of unwanted intrusion and burglary. Your Alarm Now, an authorize dealer of home security systems, presents six ways to make your home more secure.

Pick a safe location for your home

Being in safe residence is the first step towards protecting your family. Avoid choosing a place that has high crime rates as it not only puts the whole family security’s danger, it also adds up to your home insurance cost.

Choose a sturdy door, avoid using spring latch

A sturdy door is a physical and psychological deterrent to burglars. Choose a door that is made of solid wood and strong enough to resist a strong blow, such as kicking. If you are using spring latch on your door, it is time you switch to a safer and more reliable dead bolt. A latch can easily be opened by burglars who are good in “loiting”: the act of opening spring latches by swiping a credit card on the gap.

Install a safety window film

A security window film prevents glass windows from shattering upon impact. This prevents an intruder from punching or batting his way through the window. It also helps in protecting your home during a storm or hurricane. This is highly advisable especially if your family regularly goes out on vacation or camps.

Allocate a storage space for valuable materials

Looters and burglars already know where the expensive stuff are hidden. They will scour through the master’s bedroom, your drawers, and freezers for anything they can make easy money of. The old strategy of hiding valuables may no longer work these times. One of the best things you can do to protect your valuables is to place them in a safety storage room. Create a fortified space where you can store bags, suits, jewelries, and other items of value. If you own fire arms, it is best practice to store them in a safe and code-locked vault.

Make sure that your house has adequate exits

It is a plus if you have a secured backdoor where your family can exit during emergencies. An extra exit can also be helpful when an intruder attacks the house.

Install home security systems

The thing that intruders and burglars hate most, aside from arrest, is a home security system. What is it and how does it work? A home security system is a set of devices designed to alert you when there is a possible intrusion. It is made up of sensors, a siren, a control panel, and a remote keychain.

If you have an alarm system, your house will become three times less likely to be burglarized as its mere presence is enough to deter burglars. Should anyone dare to enter your house, the sensors will be triggered, causing the siren to set off a loud noise. If you purchase from Your Alarm Now, you will get a monitored system that automatically alerts the authorities during an emergency. Your Alarm Now is an authorized dealer of the number one brand in the United States for home security systems: ADT.

Your Alarm Now has a team of specialists in residential security who can answer your queries on the state-of-the-art alarm systems. We are proud to present you the most affordable packages for home security systems. Contact us now and our representatives will gladly accommodate your inquiries.

10 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

Posted on November 24, 2011
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Home security systemsare smart devices that are designed to protect your family and property. A lot of people have heard about it but not too many take its importance seriously. Below we give you ten good reasons why you should have an alarm system installed in your residence. Before you go through the listing, understand that the facts presented below are not meant to make you cynical or worried about your security. They are only meant to make your aware of the potential dangers that everybody faces today.

Protection against unwanted intrusion. Burglars or vandals may strike your home any time. They choose no time of the day—they strike when they see a potential victim. A home security system will alert you of their presence even before they can work their crime.

Deter burglars and thieves. Thieves and burglars often do not attack when they have a good chance of being caught. They avoid any risk as much as possible and only attack homes that are not protected by an alarm system.

Protection of pets. Some burglars may intentionally harm your pets in order to work their crime. In some cases, burglars are actually after valuable pets. You can protect your pets with motion detectors that will set off an alarm if anybody goes inside the monitored area of your house. Choose smart alarms, like the ones provided by Your Alarm Now, which do not detect pets 80 pounds and under.

Less liability. Home security systems safeguard your family and property without increasing your liability. Keeping a guard dog or buying a gun are precarious actions to protecting your home, as both can make you liable to injuries towards others.

Quicker response time. Top-grade home security systems are equipped with a “panic button.” This button allows you to contact authorities even if your cellular phone’s battery is dead or you landline cut off. With just one press of the panic button, the authorities will be alerted. The panic button can also alert paramedics and the fire department for other emergencies at your home.

24/7 monitoring by a support company. Home security systems by ADT are monitored by a call center which alerts authorities if the alarm goes off. They also contact emergency response in case their alarm systems are hacked. Even if you are away on vacation, you can be assured that a monitoring company will report any possible breach to your property.

Property insurance discount. Insurance underwriters take into account your home’s likelihood of being burglarized when determining your property insurance. With a stronger defense against burglary, your homeowner’s insurance could go down by as much as 20%.

Peace of mind for the family. The most priceless reason for having a home security system is the protection of your family. There is no greater feeling than knowing that your family will be safe day and night from unwanted intrusion.

Cheap home security systems cost. Having an adequate alarm system installed is a worthwhile investment, considering what it gives to the family. This system is even more worth investing for if you get it at a great price from a reliable dealer.

Here at Your Alarm Now, you can get all of the benefits listed above just about a dollar a day. For a value price, we can give you wireless security: equipped with a power backup and monitored 24/7. We bring clients the best security system from the top brand in America: ADT. ADT protects more than five million American families day in, day out. They are also among the leading brand in the UK and Canada. Feel free to contact Your Alarm Now if you want to know more about the deals on ADT products that we offer.

Home Security Systems: What to look for when choosing

Posted on November 21, 2011
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Home security systems are found by the Greenwich Study of Residential Security to make a home up to three times less likely to be burglarized. While this fact is circumstantial (that is, some places just have higher crime rates, others simply have lower), it cannot be denied that having an adequate alarm system is crucial to residential security. However, everything does not stop upon realizing the need for a home security system. Choosing the right one is just as important. Your Alarm Now, an authorized ADT dealer, brings you the guidelines to choosing the best alarm system.

Comprehensive monitoring

Does your home security system package protect the whole house? It is not enough to have a sensor at the front door. The windows and backdoor are also vulnerable to intrusion. Make sure that the package you are buying is complete with window & door sirens, motion detectors, and loud siren.

Easy control devices

A control panel and a remote keychain are makes arming/disarming of your alarm systems much easier. With the press of a button, everything can be turned on or off. More importantly, both devices are equipped with a “panic button” which alerts authorities during an emergency. The panic button contacts the police, fire department, and paramedics when their response is needed.

Ease of installation

Previously, a lot of drilling was required just to hide the cumbersome wires of alarm systems. The method of installing hard-wired alarms can be intrusive and may ruin a house’s interior aesthetic. It is ideal to invest wireless, as it can be installed easily and without leaving any mark on your walls or any part of the house. The good news is that ADT monitoring systems these days are as reliable as the hard-wired ones. With stronger connectivity, they provide unfailing protection 24/7.

24-hour Monitoring

Make sure that you choose a monitored home security system. What is it? A monitored system is linked to a remote contact center which alerts authorities when your alarm goes off. Having this kind of system ensures emergency response to your home even if you are away on vacation. With a remote support team to monitor the alarms, your time away from home has just become more worry free.

Insurance & security move certificate

An insurance certificate that your home security system dealer provides can reduce your property insurance cost up to 20%. On the other hand, a security move certificate ensures that the transfer of your alarm systems will be free of charge should you decide to change your residence. It is also a plus if your dealer provides you with a yard sign that warns burglars that your home is protected. This way, potential intruders will not even attempt to trespass your property.

The Your Alarm Now Advantage

If you are looking for a dealer that meets all the items in the checklist above, simply contact Your Alarm Now. We are an authorized dealer of ADT home security systems, the number one brand in the United States which protects more than 5 million families. As an authorized ADT dealer, we provide comprehensive wireless security that will protect your family round-the-clock.

We are aware that wireless security is more expensive but their advantage is simple indispensable. We compensate for the cost by offering clients with affordable rent-to-own plans that only cost $1 per day. Pricing is not the only advantage that we can offer. We can also boast of providing the best customer experience in the field of home security system. Expert servicing and excellent customer support are guaranteed with Your Alarm Now. Contact us today and we will gladly discuss with you how we can work together to improve your residential security.

Wireless Connectivity: The Future of Home Security Systems

Posted on November 19, 2011
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There was a time when the guy from the home security systems company would practically tear up the whole house to get the alarms installed. Yards of cumbersome wires, lots of drilling to the wall—there are some many things that burglar alarm dealers used to do just to get their devices installed. But with the new breed of alarm systems, installation is just a breeze. Easy installation makes the job quicker for technicians so families can have their home security system installed right away. Your Alarm Now walks you through the future of home security systems: wireless connectivity.

What do the new home security systems promise to American families?

Wireless connectivity has been the hype for the past several years. Phones, computers, and just about any electronic gadget do not have to be plugged any more. It was only a matter of time for home security systems to catch up. With stronger wireless connectivity, this new breed of alarms offers 24-hour protection that is as reliable as their previous hard-wired predecessors.

Wireless home security systems also offer a new immunity to hacking. As some alarms in the past could be hacked by cutting their wires, wireless alarms are virtually invulnerable to cutter-wielding burglars. With wireless, your first line of defense has become impossible to breach.

A common feature of wireless home security systems is the back up battery. Your new alarms will function regardless of power outage as they automatically switch to battery power. You also do not have to worry about you landline being cut off. Their wireless device transmits cellular signals to a remote contact center which alerts authorities when the alarms are triggered.

What is unique about the wireless home security systems that Your Alarm Now offers?

There are many qualities that makes ADT products unique. Reliability, industry standard performance, and cutting edge ideas make ADT systems unique. Your Alarm Now, an authorized and licensed ADT dealer, makes its arsenal stand out among the rest with a powerful remote keychain.

This remote keychain performs three functions. One, it arms and disarms the home security system. Two, it can control remote-compatible lights. Finally, it has a panic button. The panic button alerts authorities during possible burglaries or contacts a response team in case of a medical emergency. It can also alert the fire department.

The remote keychain is just about the size of a remote car control, making your security control as handy as it could get. One of the most outstanding features of this remote control is its powerful connectivity. You can enable or disable your home security system even if you are on the yard with this handy device.

Your Alarm Now provides monitored alarm systems. It means that a remote support team automatically alerts authorities in case of possible intrusion. This is especially useful when you are not at home, as you can be assured that the authorities will be contacted by a reliable support team. You will be alerted as well in cases of possible breach through your mobile phone.

How can Your Alarm Now be reached?

Your Alarm Now has an official website where it showcases wireless home security systems at the best prices. For just about a dollar a day, you can be protected with a monthly security plan brought to you by Your Alarm Now.

As an authorized dealer, Your Alarm Now has an available team of home security experts who can answer your queries about high quality burglar alarms. Their services are available in the United States and Canada. Experience their innovation in home security systems and their affordable monthly plan. Contact a Your Alarm Now representative if you want to know more.

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